Food Nation | Celebrate B corp’s this month!

Celebrate B corp’s this month!

March is B corp month around the world and in NZ so we’re doing a shout out for what it means to be one of only 100 certified B Corps in NZ.

B corp businesses are committed to more than just profit. Its’ a movement of businesses going beyond expectations to make their mark on the world  and using their influence to create positive change and go beyond business as usual. To earn a B Corp certification, each company goes through a rigorous assessment process, evaluating its social and environmental performance, as well its accountability and transparency. The B corp ethos is to go beyond expectations and beyond business as usual and really use business as a force for good.

For us getting B corp certification was a way we could make sure we are focused on our mission of redefining great food that is not only a joy to eat but that is good for people and planet and tracking progress. It has fuelled our mission and helped us to ask questions of the whole business and how we do business, not just what we do.

When you support these business, you’re helping create a positive change through your everyday choices, like what you are having for breakfast, lunch or dinner . Thank you for going beyond and consciously choosing these businesses like us!