Food Nation | Redefining Great Food

Redefining Great Food

At Food Nation we are here to stand up for our friends, the plants and put them centre stage. Plants add colour, taste and nutrition to meals like no other. It is time we re-define great food to recognise the plants amongst us.

With over 300,000 plant species on earth you would think they would get a bit more share of plates than they do. In fact as humans we tend to eat only a tiny fraction of the available species estimated at around 200 species on average. We love our plants au natural as salads, in soups, stews, turned into bread, beer or burritos. There is this strange reality though, that when people share the excitement of food, the focus is less on the plants and more on other parts of the meals. It is time to create a new reality.

Keep an eye out for the new products we are working on. We are finding tasty new ways to bring more plants into our lives in formats that are easy to enjoy and craveably good. Delicious, nutritious and ready to go.