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Firmer, Fitter and Fabulous

We turn 1 this month –  wahooo!!  What a ride it has been, one year on since we snuck into stores for the very first time with our Magic Minces.

To celebrate being so grown up, we are hitting the shelves with a few wee improvements we have been working on. We’re fitter, a bit firmer(texture), and even more fabulous!

All the range is now 4.5 star Health star rated so everyone is a winner! They are full of goodness and all the nutrition from a whole food diet


They are still their same delicious combo of fresh NZ ingredients but as new products come into the market we like to mix it up and are always looking for ways to make them even better and introduce some of the wonderful new crops being grown right here in NZ.

When we can we like to use the whole plant, stalks and all. Less waste, more goodness and bursting with great taste. Together we can eat our way to a happier, healthier planet – enjoy!