Food Nation | Lets talk about health baby…

Lets talk about health baby…

Lets talk about you and me.

Food Nation products are designed to be delicious and nutritious so lets break that down for a mo.

Delicious has always meant they should be a taste sensation, a joy to eat and be craveably good! To deliver on this we spend months perfecting the recipe with our wonderful chef leading the way.

Nutritious means they need to support a healthy, well balanced diet. We target a five star health rating for each and every product by seeking out fresh, delicious ingredients from across New Zealand, in order to deliver a good balance of nutrition in every mouthful. This means considering fibre and good fats, protein, low sugar and low salt levels as well as using ingredients that are full of all the vitamins and minerals we need to make the most of every day.

Three of the superfoods that are our elite performers in this equation are the mighty mushroom, and two relatively new kids on the block, hemp and quinoa(keen-wah).

It turns out most people have never seen them in their raw state let alone how they grow so we have gone a tripping through the fields and sheds to catchup with some of our favourite partners and here are the tales they tell.  Come meet these wee superstars and hear about what makes them each so special.

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