Food Nation | Ready for Take-off!

Ready for Take-off!

It’s been a while coming and a bit of a windy road as we found new ways to bring plants together, and navigated the odd pandemic.

But here we are LAUNCHING!

This week Food Nation hits the market with our first range, Magic Minces, going out to those clever people who’ve ordered a home delivery – lucky them, huh!

It is a world of food deliciousness created for everyone to enjoy, be they omnivore or carnivore, vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. Food Nation is food for all.

As our world continues to open up we will increase where you can find us. So keep an eye on our distributor page and sign up to be one of our TASTE BUDs at so we can make sure you are the first to hear what’s happening.

Stay in touch with us on Instagram @foodnationnz or find us on Facebook @proudlyplant.